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Do you have a friend that is going through a really rough time in life right now? If so, are you looking for a way to cheer them up? There are many ways to do this, but one of the best options is sending them flowers. Flowers have a way of making people smile, cheering them up, and giving them hope for the future. In fact, research shows that flowers impact moods, and here are several important things to know about this.


The Effects Flowers Have on Moods

Flowers are beautiful and natural and come in many varieties. Many types of flowers smell great too. Over the years, scientists have completed many studies on the effects flowers have on moods, and they discovered that flowers tend to have positive, noticeable effects.

One effect flowers have is an increase in happiness. People feel happier when they receive flowers and when they are around flowers. Flowers excite people, too, especially when they receive them unexpectedly. People also tend to feel more satisfied with life and their circumstances when they receive flowers.

Most of the studies completed on this subject show a distinct relationship between positive feelings and flowers. In fact, the majority of people tested in the studies stated they felt less depressed and unhappy after receiving flowers. The tests also demonstrated a link between flowers and long-term happiness. In other words, the happiness a person feels after receiving flowers does not instantly disappear. It lasts for an entire day or even much longer.


Different Colors and Types of Flowers Have Different Effects

During these studies, researchers also tested the different feelings people experienced with types and colors of flowers. They concluded that different types and colors of flowers invoke different types of feelings, yet the feelings were almost always positive.

For example, certain types of flowers offer feelings of nurturing. Some examples of flowers that invoke a sense of nurturing include yellow tulips, heater, and pale green carnations. Most flowers that make people feel nurtured or cared for come in shades of yellow, white, and light greens.

Other types of flowers promote feelings of tranquility, and this includes light blue hydrangea, eucalyptus, and lavender. When people receive these flowers, they tend to feel more relaxed and calm.

Red and pink roses are common flowers used on Valentine's Day because these flowers trigger feelings of love, joy, and happiness. Florists commonly use yellow and violet flowers for funeral arrangements to demonstrate feelings of peace and hope.

Because different flowers trigger different feelings, florists use certain ones for certain occasions. For your friend that feels sad and down, the perfect type of arrangement is one that triggers feelings of nurturing and tranquility.


Why Flowers Have Effects on Moods

Researchers are not exactly certain why flowers have such powerful effects on moods, but they are certain they do. They believe part of it has to do with the way colors trigger emotions in the brain, and another reason is from the way the smell of flowers affect the brain. No matter what the reason behind it is, it works.

By sending flowers to your friend, you could help them feel better, happier, and less stressed. The flowers they receive might give them hope and put a smile on their face that lasts all day.

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